Film & TV productions in Thailand going back to life from May 17

Screening / access to set

Contactless temperature test of each person.  (Drivers upon arrival to set).  If above 37.5ºC, the person will be sent to a designated health center for diagnosis. If the temperature is normal, the person will be given a sticker to wear in a clearly visible location.  No one will access the set without the sticker.  

Use of the best locally available virus test on each person (checkin by Set Medic and always prioritizing availability to local health services).  No access to set for anyone testing positive for Coronavirus.

Disposable pocket tissue and masks or face coverings (checking by Set Medic & Risk Prevention Officer) provided to all accessing the set.  

Trash bins at each access exit for disposal of masks or other PPE. Treat these materials as hazardous waste.

Use of contact-less hand sanitizers positioned at all entry points to the set.

Pocket hand sanitizers provided to technicians.

Appropriate shoe baths at entrances or the use of disposable shoe covers as required.