After 10 years of steady growth, it was time to give to a much needed a rest. Last 6 years we totally moved our business activities to South East Asia and we understand that market was changed and concept with heavy-lifting drones for aerial cinematography doesn’t work so effective any more. We worked a lot last years and now presenting a wide range of film services, including our drones as well. wasn’t as functional as it could be — the documentation was hard to find and the design was somewhat dated. But, more than that, in order to fully support PHP7, it was imperative that we put all our ducks in a row first. One of those “ducks” included a new site with new concept, functionality and upgraded concept.

It was no easy task, but we finally pulled the trigger with our change concept. We rolled a soft launch to allow us the time to work through any issues that might arrive moving from our staging environment to live. We’ve worked out most of the kinks and are happy to share with you the new features like first ONLINE EQUIPMENT RENTAL SERVICE which connecting all film equipment owners throughout all Thailand and we believe will be a huge benefit to all filmmakers who gonna shoot here in Asia. New web site includes a major upgrade to content and articles – but more on that later.


Cheers, Andrii Palekha

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