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The job of film producers in Thailand is to be the legal representative of cinematographic works, responsible for the organizational and technical aspects in the creation of a film.

In our production company in Bangkok, we have a team of great directors and DoP’s such as Niccolò De La Fere, Sagar Singh Sivaraman, Andrii Palekha, Maurizio Mistretta, Charun Muangon, Maksimilian Urikh, Liam Morgan, Benjamin Guillaume, Steven Renney, Sattamate Karnasuta, David Fuller
Liam Anderson and others.

Among our photographers are talented Jorge Lareau Postigo, Yanis Frame, Leo James, Perapat Rupporn, Kugarov Dmitry and Nikita Masojidkova.

Since 2015 when our company was founded, Film Service Thailand has completed several films and advertising productions around the world, collaborating with numerous producers, agencies, brands and artists from across the audiovisual market. Our team includes filmmakers, artistic directors, photographers, etc.
We have an office in Bangkok and representatives around all Thailand as Phuket Samui, Phangan, Pattaya (Chon Buri) and Chiang Mai

Thanks to film producers in Thailand, film services in Thailand has become an expressive medium of high impact. It combines within itself many arts, such as the dramatic arts, music, staging or photography, literature, etc. Thus cinema not only needs the work of actors and performers, but also of the directors, scriptwriters, producers, props, technical team and numerous other people. It is a complex process that can result in very diverse, but also very representative artistic styles at the same time.

Our production company is not only limited to Thailand, we also have headquarters in Singapore and Vietnam which is of great help when we need to series or filming around South East Asia. In Singapore we also count with a great team of professionals such as directors, screenwriters, photographers, technicians, among others.

No matter the kind of Project, we’ll deliver the best support and optimize your Budget to the most

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