Thailand productions returning to filming during Covid-19

Our production industry faces an unprecedented challenge as Thailand emerge from lockdown for filming with limitation 50 crew on set from 17.05.2020 designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and prevent an unnecessary burden on local health services. How to resume filming in a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to do their best creative work.

Under new guidance from deputy permanent secretary of culture Yupha Thawiwattanakit Bowon, love scenes, fight scenes and any acts involving close contact cannot be filmed for health and safety reasons. Meanwhile, all members of the cast and crew must be screened on arrival, with spaces clear and well-ventilated with no more than 50 production members working on the project, all of whom must wear masks.

The number of cause of additional costs or claims related to COVID-19 is likely to be considered force majeure. Just as with a weather day, clients will be responsible for covering unforeseen costs that may include no-shows, delays, cancellations, or government measures related to the same. Is a must adherence to all agreed health & safety guidelines with Set Medic / Nurse on set.

The production service company will be reimbursed for third-party costs, its own services, calculated operation costs, and profit in case of a client/agency cancellation of an awarded production. The same cost considerations will apply proportionally in case of a client/agency postponement of the production.

Production will distribute and require anyone attending the shoot to read and sign the health & safety guidelines in advance. With their signature, each individual acknowledges:

  • Personal responsibility for following health & safety rules of local government and health authorities at all times.
  • That production service company compliance with authorized workplace protection measures is not failsafe.
  • That the production service company does not wish for them to engage in the project if they have traveled internationally at least 2 weeks prior to attending the shoot.
  • That the production service company does not wish for them to engage in the project if they have had any contact with confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19 over past 4 weeks.
  • That the production service company expects them to advise immediately and stay at home if they are feeling symptoms of fever, a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, flu-like aches and pains, or diarrhea before the shoot day commences.

Contactless temperature test of each person, if above 37.5ºC the crew member will be sent to a designated health center for diagnosis. If the temperature is normal, the person will be given a sticker to wear in a clearly visible location. No one will access the set without the sticker.

  • Disposable pocket tissue and masks or face coverings provided to all accessing the set.
  • Trash bins at each access exit for disposal of masks or other PPE. Treat these materials as hazardous waste.
  • Use of contact-less hand sanitizers positioned at all entry points to the set.
  • Pocket hand sanitizers provided to technicians.

Production Manager with 1st Assistant Director will be considerate but firm in enforcing health & safety guidelines onset under the guidance of Set Medic who supervises crew health and cleanliness practices on set and communicates needed changes to the Production Manager in order to facilitate their signed approval of set conduct at WRAP of each day.

Production will provide a written declaration of responsible movement for any person requiring it to commute from their place of residence to the workplace.