DJI Ronin battery MOD / how to hack Ronin with external LIPO battery

Few years ago i posted video in YouTube how my DJI Ronin works with LIPO battery. There many people askin in comments to explain how i did that. So lets see how to make it step by step.

First of al you need to open your DJI Ronin battery and carefully remove all 4 cell, which are dead probably.

You need to buy Lipo 4S balance extender cable, it cost maximum few dollars in HobbyKing for example

You will use that female connector to connect your Ronin with Lipo battery balance port

So after you disassembled Ronin battery and removed original Lipo cells your battery electronics will look like that

Here the diagram of DJI Ronin battery board and my recommendation to pins where to soldering balancer cable

Be careful with polarity, before starting battery electronics make sure check everything with multimeter

Anyway, that was in 2019 and a temporary super simple mod, not really really hack, just let’s say its a way to supply DJI Ronin battery board with external Lipo cells.

Few month ago i made a more useful thing, like a camera dummy adapter, using for DJI Ronin\RoninM, where your gimbal powered from VMount battery using standard DTAP plug, here some photos of the prototype, its amazing and already works well many hours on set. If you’re based here in Thailand you also can rent this dummy for your shooting following this link

If you are interesting to rehouse your DJI Ronin battery to VMOUNT DUMMY please can contact me directly to Whatsapp +66830029127

My fees for replacement DJI RONIN electronics to DTAP dummy 100$ (, normally it will take one day to converting your battery to DTAP dummy + shipping to/from Bangkok, Thailand.

Thanks for reading my article,

Cheers Andrii

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