Are you looking for Phuket video production?  

Searching for a video production in Phuket with all of the equipment you’ll need for your project?

Are you looking for Phuket videographer to shoot your video?  We are open branch in Phuket to help you with your event videography, corporate interview, customer testimonial, live stream, webinar, or promotional video. We’ll provide you with the best equipment available in Thailand, including the Sony FX6, FX9, ARRI Alexa, RED Comodo in Phuket and more.

You need a crew for an interview in Patong, a local videographer to show you on the market around in Phuket old town, event on Bang Tao or a multi-day shoot producing a promotional video in Nai Harn Beach? Don’t worry yourself overlooking for an available crew. We can connect you with over 10 professional videographers from Phuket area or confirm production crews from Bangkok with only a five-minute phone call.

Working on film set in many film locations in Thailand our video crews have a history of working together, and it shows. Forget the unwieldy all-freelance hodgepodge of videographers and mixed video equipment– we know our craft and our gear, our people and all Phuket film locations.

Our production team are experienced and extremely well qualified.  They work on the best commercial and feature film shoots in Thailand and beyond! 


Phuket corporate interviews, multi-camera event production, TV commercials for Phuket local and international brands, branded material, and more are all accessible. Film Service Thailand offers videographers in Phuket with the experience to meet expectations on everything from appealing corporate video projects to innovative music videos and clever commercials to engaging television series.

•           Employee training workshops

•           Music video in Phuket

•           Talking head shots

•           Interviews and B-roll

•           Conference filming

•           Real estate video in Phuket

•           Hotel video, resort video

•           Corporate meetings

•          Beauty shots and love story

•           Training videos


Years of experience in the field have given us access to the very best sound mixers in Thailand.  One call to us is all you’ll need to book your next production sound mixer.

Helping our clients succeed is why we get requested time and time again. From effective corporate video productions to creative music videos, clever commercials to engaging television shows, FILM SERVICE (THAILAND) has sound crews with the experience to exceed expectations whether you’re shooting in Phuket or Samui, Krabi or Chiang Mai –  we’ve got it all at the best price. GUARANTEED.


We provide productions in Phuket with full package of services: from pre-production research to location scout, coordination, filming and post-production.

When the director or producer is the only one traveling to the foreign location, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff. The experience of more than 10 years of producing and providing Film Production Services in Thailand proves that this area never ceases to attract documentary filmmakers, TV Reality Shows, feature film, Music Videos, TV/Web series and print shoots.

I’m considering moving to Thailand, what’s the film industry like there, where do I meet other like-minded people?

If you are referring to the international sector, then the top Thai HoDs and crews are as good as anywhere. Recently, Living Films provided significant production support to Tar, 13 Lives, and The Serpent to name just a few. And to meet industry folk informally, Paul Spurrier’s Friese-Greene Club (see Facebook page), has regular events, and daily screenings on the top floor, 9 seater, cinema.

Kaprice Kea

There is a big industry here, film and commercial, for both international and local. Local it’s impossible to get much work in, must speak Thai and better to be culturally Thai.

Foreign/international productions have work for foreigners but typically only in positions that require English or specific creative talents, such as a producer, director, or DOP. There isn’t work here for key grips, focus pullers, or anything technical like that, that’s all Thai fluent language required and more than half are fulltime employed at camera and lighting houses.

Joshua Dixon

My son was in a Hollywood movie filmed in Thailand last year, with some huge A-list actors and actresses, I found the crew to be super professional and it was an amazing experience.

Harrison Phillips

Video Production in Phuket

We can supply you with a fully equipped production team for your project requirements in any Thai city from Phuket in the South through to Chiang Rai in the North.

Our film fixer in Phuket helps you get the best camera crew, when you need them, where you need them. We provide the best location camera crews in Phuket made up of only the top cameramen and freelance video crews. We’re fast and diplomatic and pride ourselves on quality. A corporate videographer for all projects in Phuket such as your case studies, customer testimonials, executive interviews, event videos, live webcasts or filming with a drone.

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