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Andrii Palekha is a Ukrainian, a multi-talented independent filmmaker, producer and screenwriter expirienced on film set either as EP, DP, Aerial DP, drone pilot, MoVI operator. Andrii is well known in aerial drone filming. His engineering background is about gyrostabilized heads for camera, specific dolly, rope platforms, custom build multirotor etc. Based in Bangkok Andrii specializing in high-end industry-standard camera rigging for SFX. After graduated university in 2003 Andrii has pursued a career in IT in government institutes and corporate business. In 2008 established R&D company specializing in gyro-stabilized platforms and remote-controlled UAV drones. In few years company becomes the leading Ukraine supplier of aerial filming services.

In 2013 Andrii moved to Thailand to try himself in the fast-developing economy of South-East Asia. Living in Bangkok he works side-by-side with international and local filmmakers to help them make great films. Dedicated to the camera department and being an expert in high-top drones Andrii sharing experience with a close-knit community of asian camera assistants and operators. Understanding the importance of succeeding, demands of filmmaking and local market aspects, Andrii in cooperation with Thai partners created FilmService (Thailand) Thai – ห้างหุ้นส่วนจำกัด ฟิล์ม เซอร์วิส (ประเทศไทย) company which focusing on cost-effective services for producing highest quality footages in South East Asia for feature, episodic, commercial or small documentary (

Andrii’s portfolio range includes feature films, music videos, tv commercials, short films and documentary making. In Thailand Andrii has worked in American feature films: First They Killed My Father 2017 directed buy Angelina Jolie, American Assassin 2017 directed by Michael Cuesta. Worked in Chineese movies:
“Tang ren jie tan an” (Detective from China town) 2015, Saat po long: Taam long (Paradox) 2017, “Fei fan ren wu” (Extra ordinary mission) (2017). Andrii also worked as cinematographer in movies: “Userful Idiots” (2021) by Gerard Maurez and Maurizio Mistretta and “Bet Dead Casino” (2021) by Taffy Edwards
in short films: “Amphibious Princess” (2018) and “Lost” (2019)
Andrii provided film production for: “Robinzon” (2020) Rostislav MOUSSAIEV, “Better than Sex” (2019) with McDang
“Redemption” (2020), “Soi Tanakan” (2020), Userfull Idiots (2022), Way of the Balisong (2023), Boat People – The 50 years Journey (2024)
Worked on tv-commercials for Nike, Lacoste, Nissan, Ford, Canon, Nokia, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Casper, Lazada and many other brands

Andrii Palekha


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