Filming at Phuket and Phang Na area

During 10 years filming in Thailand, we are experienced how to make it almost in all locations around Phuket area. Doing locations scouting we will present you all the photos and technical information related to the location intended for your project. We’re collecting and providing for your all the details about permits, film permissions, restrictions and places available nearby, everything be needed for comfort shooting. We will arrange you fixers that can help you with preproduction for upcoming shoot, taking care of logistics and organisational tasks along with providing support when it comes to understanding legalities and permits for a number of requirements.

Film permit for National Parks. 

Some projects require to shoot in National Parks. Requests for permission to film in National Parks are often heavily scrutinized to prevent any damage to the country’s natural beauty and resources. Otherwise, obtaining filming permits can take anywhere from three days to three weeks depending on the type of shoot. One of the best ways to give yourself the best chances of securing the necessary filming permits is to work alongside an experienced fixer who FILM SERVICE (THAILAND) will provide for tour support.

Costs and financing. 

Phuket area is one of the more expensive countries to shoot in Thailan. On the whole, compared to other islands as Samui or Koh Phangan offering the same high standard of production services, Phuket offers very good value for money. Our Thai fixer / service producer will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of production support to match every budget.

Crews and talent sourcing.

There is a large population of English speaking and highly experienced actors, directors and crew members available in Thailand.


If you want a film fixer to arrange a translator, we’d happily able to organize this for you.

Traveling and transportation.

Thailand is well connected internationally, with a number of flights servicing the country daily, which can help if you are bringing together a large cast and crew.

Majors roads are paved and up to international standards. Rural roads can be slower going, particularly during the monsoon season. Bangkok has heavy traffic congestion but police escorts can be organised for a small fee. Bangkok International Airport is a major international hub. Several airlines service low-cost domestic flights throughout Thailand

Visas & Work Permits.

Entry is subject to regulations from country of origin. Crews entering on Western passports can enter Thailand visa-free. If the visiting crew is working less than 15 days, permission must be sought from the Department of Employment. Crews planning to stay for longer than 15 days need to have a work permit. Our local Thai fixer / service producer is able to apply for permits on behalf of visiting crew members. Contact your local Thai embassy / representative for more information.

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