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Many international productions who planning a movie, commercial, TV or music video shoot in Vietnam connecting us to ensure everything is in place for the first day of filming. If you are planning to do pre-production in Vietnam by yourself,  the process of getting location permissions and working visas can be a little slower than some neighboring countries. We do help source the right location and advise on practical matters such as the best days to film. The standard filming equipment is available in Vietnam, but if you’re after more specialized apparatus, it’s better to import from Thailand. FILM SERVICE (THAILAND) can arrange most popular cinema camera and lighting equipment, local transport and accommodation in Vietnam, ensuring everything is in place for a successful shoot. Using our services you can hire the top gear in Vietnam as: ARRI Alexa Mini or ARRI Alexa LF, RED DRAGON or HELIUM digital cinema cameras, wide range of cinema lenses from Cooke, Angenieux, Carl Zeiss.

Lighting and grip equipment we also providing for filming in Vietnam like ARRI HMI, Fresnel, Sky Panels as well as sound and generators. We also will arrange to you our experienced film crew, DoP, camera op, gaffer, steadicam op, drone pilot, sound guy, PA, runner and other crew members who are available to facilitate your requirements.

About aerial filming with a drone in Vietnam, production should to apply for a special filming and location permit additionally to the film permit.  You can use your own drone pilot and crew, but we recommending there to apply paperwork for our high reputable drone company for aerial shooting in Vietnam. Please note that filming in cities is more complicated then filming in Vietnam jungle locations due to safety with crowds and traffic.

Most Popular Filming locations in Vietnam

There’s a many choice of locations for filming in Vietnam, whether you want an city feature or are looking for natural landscapes, caves or underground rivers. The capital of Ho Chi Minh City combines traditional architecture and modern skyscrapers and has busy, bustling streets that look great on film.

  • Ho Chi Minh City – This bustling city has a great atmosphere and has lots of interesting places to film. The newer areas have modern, sleek skyscrapers, while the older parts of town are full of neon-lit shops and roads.
  • Phong Nha –  There a traditional small town, close to a huge national park with caves and lush green mountains. It has been used in movies such as Pan and would be great for any movie where you need strong, natural features.
  • Halong Bay – calm, bright blue waters and is surrounded by huge rocks covered in greenery. It’s a striking spot that is ideal for water scenes.

Please contact us if you are looking for an experienced local fixer in Vietnam to assist you in applying for Vietnam film permitVietnam drone permit, specific permit to film in National Park like Con Dao National Park,  Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. We will do location sourcing and scouting in Vietnam, will choose talents and extra, do casting, preparing translation and logistics arrangement and crew accomindations.

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