What can our film fixer in Bangkok do for you?

Bangkok has played host to some of the most famous and stunning film productions in South East Asia. It is truly a huge city inside and out of the film industry. As a film location it offers a myriad of opportunities for co-operating film, adverts, television and feature-length films. Bangkok also boasts a host of iconic studios including The Studio Park Thailand. Film culture and the film industry in Thailand generaly finds a good deal of support from various governing bodies around the country with tax incentives offered for feature films, prime time television, children’s television and animation.

If you are coming to Thailand to film a production and you require a FILM FIXER in Bangkok then look no further. We provide capable and qualified professionals to co-ordinate with you on your project and help with the smooth running of your shoot. We help people like you produce commercials, documentaries, films, sports productions, corporate and digital content. And when it comes to shooting in Thailand there are a lot of rumors about what kind of paperwork you may need. If you would like assistance with this or help with any travel & accommodation requirements, our production team can help with this too.

Our production coordinators and fixers are well practiced in acquiring permits, arranging customs clearance, vehicle hire, equipment rental and always offer you a wide range of options when hiring crew and equipment at great rates.

The local knowledge and translation capabilities of our fixers alone is priceless. Our film fixer at Bangkok will always be a member of our team on location or abroad who is capable and willing to cater to your every need. Working around the clock we ensure all of your production needs are furnished at high standards and provided at competitive rates.

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