Working on film set in Thailand due Covid-19

The above list aims to be comprehensive in spirit if not in substance. We welcome suggestions for the benefit of all. List designed to maximize crew safety on filming location during COVID-19. Common sense must be applied in unforeseen situations.

  • Post signage reminders at foodservice and restrooms to wash hands and be clean.
  • Use paper towels with disinfectant to clean surfaces.
  • Provide meals in individual containers with suitable utensils inside or individually wrapped.
  • Allow for people to bring their own food properly stored in their own cooler and not reliant on preparation at production food service.
  • Individual water bottles or boxed water will be provided on set.
  • Provide personal service of coffee, tea, and water refill (not self-service).
  • Provide single-serve soda, juice, iced-tea in environmentally-friendly bottles or cans.
  • Serve condiments in individual packets.
  • Serve snacks in individual packets or servings.
  • Serve meals in a staggered manner to minimize density at the serving/dining area.
  • Dining area set to ensure social-distancing.
  • Use plastic chairs in the dining area and throughout set that can be easily disinfected.

Crew not following guidelines established in a production service agreement may be asked to leave the set immediately at the discretion of the Production Manager.