Do I need a special visa to film a YouTube video in Thailand?

You can get professional quality footage hiring compact camera as Blackmagic Pocket 4K, along with SSD recorder and you would absolutely not raise any eyebrows. No need to carry lights as latest compact camera can shoot in really low light with the speed lens. Any place with indoor lighting would be fine and audiences have no problem watching indie-style film making as long as the camera is steady and audio is good. The biggest thing you would need to carry would be portable stabilizer as DJI Ronin-S or simular models.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists are shooting video on the streets of Thailand every day and most of them post their videos on YouTube so no-one is going to have a problem with that response if you are asked any questions. If you are carrying a giant ARRI on steadicam and your friends carry 8×8 diffuser behind you or something that requires loads of lights and other gear on a shoot – you need a local company to support your shot, who will provide Thai service producer / fixer who will apply for you film permits, check list of locations, crew and talent list and complete schedule. Processed permits can be changed with a few days notice, depending on the extent of the changes. Additional fee must also be paid for a Film Board minder who will be assigned to check on your project.

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