International film projects heading back to Thailand

Thailand productions again host shoots in large comfortable Bangkok’s studios along involving high-octane sequences at the capital’s bustling streets were traditional Buddhist architecture and culture co-exist with a modern world of skyscrapers and neon.

From many locations as tropical paradise at Phuket, Samui, Phangan and Krabi, or Chiangmai’s mountains and Kanchanaburi jungles to choose from there is sure to be one suited for any and every type of film production. Lush tropical jungles, towering mountains, and tranquil beaches are only part of what is on offer in Thailand.

With the new incentives in place, there may be a larger share of international production heading back to Thailand. Although production in Thailand possible again in the country, entry for foreign filmmakers is currently subject to restrictions. Please drop a line at or contact in WhatsApp +66830029127 to check regulations and consult for further guidance for your project.

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