How easy to get a film permit at Phuket?

Film fixer at Phuket

Super easy to obtain film permit to film at Phuket island, out local fixers at Phuket can help you work out which visas and permits you might need, and can chase the local governments to help you get permission. If you plan to film in more remote locations, then this can be tricky, but our experienced team is here to help. Please make a note that to get an official permit for shooting at Phuket takes near one month tops to access a permit depending on the production size. If you’re working on a music video or commercial, FilmBoard permit takes 3-5 days after submitting paperwork, television projects and documentaries take up to 10 days and feature films take up near one month. To apply for film permits, our Thai service production coordinator / fixer will require a final list of locations, crew and talent list, complete schedule, passport scans and current photos of visiting crew. Processed permits can be changed with a few days notice, depending on the extent of the changes.

Our production manager (UPM) can hire the film equipment and local crew you need for your shoot at Phuket, whether it’s directors and producers, camera crew, runners, or technicians. We can provide drones and pilots for aerial filming. Whether you want to film at Phuket or islands nearby, we can take care of logistics, transportation and crew accommodation.

One thought on “How easy to get a film permit at Phuket?

  1. Tim Crawford says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have been pasted your name via a contact of mine on facebook.

    I am looking to film a 2 minute video on private yacht which will be at sea close to Phuket at the end of November.

    We are a 4 person team and will have our own film equipment with us.

    Do you have any idea on what permits if any we will require? We are not looking to film on land in Thailand at all just land in Phuket and board the yacht. We just need to make sure we are all legitimate traveling through the airport with equipment etc. as i have read Thailand requires film permits and watches etc.

    The shoot is only two days and is for the yacht owner. Not for TV board cast etc.

    If you can hep me out with any info I’d be very grateful!



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