What 2nd Camera Assistant in Thailand do?

Second Camera Assistant (2AC) are key members of the camera department and are responsible for the smooth running of the entire camera crew. Most 2nd AC’s in Thailand are requested by a camera operator or 1st AC, most of them working at Bangkok on a freelance basis and getting jobs from film services and rental companies.

2nd ACs assist the camera operator in positioning and moving the camera, and are responsible for loading and unloading media cards form recorder, changing and charging camera batteries, changing lenses, operating the clapper board, filling out and filing all camera sheets. 2nd ACs work closely with 1st ACs (focus pullers), and supervise any camera trainees.

What is the job 2AC in Thailand?

Depending on the size of the feature film, 2nd ACs start work two or three weeks before the first day of principal photography, assisting the director of photography (DoP) and camera operator with any tests required on film stock or/and with artists. During the shoot, 2nd ACs begin work early in the mornings, unloading, organizing and preparing all the camera equipment for each day’s work. During rehearsals, they mark up the actors’ positions, enabling the 1st AC to calculate any changes in focus. When the camera starts to roll, 2nd ACs mark each take with a clapperboard (which identifies the take and enables the assistant editor to synchronize the sound and picture in preparation for editing). 2nd ACs position themselves next to the camera, where they can anticipate all camera movements.

Additionally, the 2nd AC oversees organization of camera equipment and transport of the equipment from one shooting location to another.

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