Video Production in Thailandfil

We are production service company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We work closely with cinematographers and producers to find the most cost-effective means to produce the highest quality images and tailor this to their production needs. Due the last years, we had serves hundreds of filmmakers for shooting in Thailand, sharing out skills and best available equipment at its optimum quality, and educate and provide support to our customers to ensure they can achieve their goals regardless of experience level.

Our web-site is connecting all the best deals from equipment owners across all Thailand. We are a “one-stop” destination for all kind of shoots, carrying the most comprehensive list of stills and motion cameras including lenses & accessories, lighting and grip equipment, at rates that make sense. Our mission is to work side-by-side with professional filmmakers to help them make great films. Whether it’s a feature, episodic, commercial, or small doc, we understand the demands of filmmaking and the importance of succeeding. 


We are dedicated to the camera department, it’s our roots and we actively share our expertise and experience with a close-knit community of camera assistants, operators, and DPs. We specializing in high-end industry-standard cameras, lenses, and support equipment provided by the best rental houses in South-East Asia at the most competitive prices along with personal, comprehensive support before, during, and after your shoot.


We look forward to working with you and collaborating with your team.

Sincerely, Andrii Palekha

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